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Color4Love.com a   professional services business in the field of fresh flowers and gifts.   As one of the pioneer website in the service sector has effective   application form e-commerce transactions and online payments for years.   www.Color4Love.vn desire to give customers more convenient, saving   valuable time even if you stay anywhere.

With the professional working style, offers products and perfect   service, and great attention to customer interests to quickly website www.Color4Love.com numerous customers in foreign as well as known and use.

Since its establishment, Color4Love have built network of flower   shops province-wide 63/63 into the country and 145 countries worldwide,   mainly in the center of town, towns and cities. Color4Love reputation   of not only Vietnam consumers know which brand Color4Love also   recognized at the international level to become the partner of many   major brands in the world like flowers Localflower, Chinaflower, United   Kingdom flower, Canadaflower , USAflower ....

Color4Love is proud to provide fresh flowers in Vietnam, the   first successful application of e-commerce and also the first to design   products in the event flowers with different themes to make a difference   and new style combines traditional culture with modern art of flower   arranging. Besides the usual flower products, Color4Love was   professional flower designers in special occasions such as weddings,   conferences, festivals ... and events (event) important.

With the business philosophy of "optimization benefits for   customers," Color4Love also gives many ideas, unique products, new and   constantly increasing the value of services to forever worthy companion,   reliable partner of the customers at home and abroad.

Slogan of Color4Love

Color4Love - Everything to color your love

All things exist in this world have a particular color. For   example, green peace, victory was wearing red, purple faithful heart,   the noble bearing yellow, white school age, time colored coffee   grinders, future, or red or gray. In love? Make sure that the color of   love must lie somewhere in the range of red, orange, yellow, green,   blue, indigo, violet. The only thing we have not found alone. But as the   problems have not found the answer: There is no extraterrestrial life,   has no immortality drug? ... And also on how we answer the color of   love. For now, temporarily each choose a color on something for her love   - And that's what we want to give all of you, the colors of love!

The strength of Color4Love

As a professional service in:

  • United Greetings, Opening of Conference ...
  • Supply, Design, Decorative flowers for the event (event), festival
  • Professional consulting, design flowers & gifts on the ocasion: Wedding, Birthday & Special day
  • Special gifts for personal: Immortial roses, bear bouquet, personal picture frame, personal pillow...

You want to know more about Color4Love:

You have requested or additional questions about Color4Love; or   need special service, please contact Color4Love, we are ready to welcome   a friendly and enthusiastically.

Full Name: Color4Love.com


  • www.Color4Love.com


Hotline: (+84-4) 6656 7080-0916 816 515

Customer Service Center:

1. No. 9, Lane 651/26 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

2. No. 26 Phan Xich Long residential, Phu Nhuan District, Hochiminh

Email: contact@Color4Love.com