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Small wood picture
Small wood picture Small wood pictureZoom in ID: C4L841
Small wood picture- $ 19.45

Small wood picture 15 x 22cm- $ 17.75

Small wood picture

Pressed wood products Color4Love image is produced on industrial wood treated 10mm thick, with modern printers. Chemical coating layer, thin waterproof plastic coating, anti-UV ... Increase durability and product quality, for decades can not discolored, moldy, worm-eaten.
A special and a surprise gift when you send it to your friend or your dear. Keep in mind just lovely moments to remember your loved ones lightly. Products served by Color4love suitable as gifts for occasions such as birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Christmas, weddings, congratulations.
Size: 20 x 30cm

Note: Please send us the image quality on the 500KB and Please order before 2 days with Hanoi and HoChiMinh City, before 4 days with other provinces.

Status: In Stock
Price: $ 19.45

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