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DVD Yoga for All (10)
DVD Yoga for All (10) DVD Yoga for All (10)Zoom in ID: C4L770

DVD Yoga for All (10)

Yoga is becoming a kind of sport that has a lot of interest because yoga bring a healthy body and spiritual pleasure. The ideal of Yoga is a very gentle, does not take much effort and little cost but highly effective for health.
One of the current master of Yoga in his city is Kamal from India. Kamal is currently in charge of his class at the Yoga Center of California Wow.
Yoga program through the disk is a great need for many who have no conditions to go to the gym. So Saigon Vafaco and DQ Media has just released the DVD of "Yoga for All" by Mr. Kamal instructions. 10-disc DVD set with the exercises easy to do. "
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