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Cinnamon Back Belt
Cinnamon Back Belt Cinnamon Back BeltZoom in ID: C4L1178

Cinnamon Back Belt

These are quite high quality products designed and made to prevent and ease winter troubles& illnesses as well as rheumatism and bone related illnesses.These belts contain high quality Huong Que cinnamon powder and a number of medicinal herbs.

How it works?
These belts keep the body warm, reduce superfluous fat, prevent digestive disorder and are also good for fat people and women after birth.
They prevent especially backache due to weather changes and long sitting position..Super gifts for drivers and people who are forced to long and continuous standing or sitting positions.

Note: Not recommended for pregnant woman
Read carefully directions for use inserted in package.
Please order before 3 days with Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh, 5 days with other cities

Status: In Stock
Price: $ 22.35

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