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Blue Furin
Blue Furin Blue FurinZoom in ID: C4L805

Blue Furin

Product is a simple glass wind chimes , with special structure,very thin, so it will emit sound very "gentle", like a mellody, bring serenity to the listener. And more specifically it is a "tool" to "remind" the gift recipient of remembering "the sender". That is the reason I always choose this wind chimes to friends, relatives and "special one". Products suitable for all occasions: birthdays, Christmas, Valentine, anniversary, 20/10, 8/3.....
Please note the decorative type of wind chimes on the model may change a little, because it is imported.
Size: 6 x 4cm

Note: Product only provide at Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh. Please order before 3 days.

Status: In Stock
Price: $ 15.73

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