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[09 / 11 / 2009]


* How to order
I. Through the website?
II. Through telephone
III. Through Color4Love consultant
IV. Cancel an order

I.Through the website?
Different from other commerce Web sites today, Color4Love.com will save much of your time as it doesn't require you to sign-in.
We use a 3-step shopping process: :
1. Put products into shopping basket
2. Verify products in your shopping basket
3. Provide order information
  • You can choose a specific date for us to deliver your gift .
  • You can write your message or request us to follow some special instruction in your gift delivery.
  • Your message will be printed on a beautiful postcard (free) and attached with your gift.
II. Through telephone
To place an order with one of our friendly gift advisors, please call our hotline. Please click here for more detail
III. Through Color4Love consultant
You can order easily with our consultants. We can help you to choose the best gifts. Please contact với here
IV. Cancel an order
To cancel your order, please phone or email us.
Note: Unpaid Orders will be cancel automatically when it is over delivery time

If you need further assistance,
please click here
* Payment Methods
We accept many payment methods, please click here for more detail
* Product Information
Our flowers and gifts are guaranteed to be fresh and arranged by our professional florists and gifts. All warranty regime, instructions and serve Every warranty, guideline and service is guaranteed by Color4Love to bring the best convenience and profits to Customers. We back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you have any requests about accompanied product or special service, please contact with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Customer Service or send your special request here.
* Delivery Information
I. Can I have sameday delivery?
II. Do I get any confirmation for my order?
III. Can I change my order information?
IV. Which provinces can Color4Love serve?
I. Sameday delivery
Any item can be delivered on the same day during non-holiday periods, if the order is placed and checked before 2:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday in the recipient's time zone. The receiver's address has to be in main-zone of provice/city.
II. Do I get any confirmation for my order?
We will send you confirmation emails for your order's status: after ordering, when your order is prepared and after delivered.
Please put your corrected email address in order form.
III. Can I change my order information?
If you have any concerns about changing your order, you can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through these services:
1. Online chat with our consultants : here
2. Using "Tracking order" function
3. Email or phone us. For detail information, please click here
IV. Which provinces can Color4Love serve?
Color4love can deliver your gift to all provices/cities.
Please read each product's note carefully (if any). With some special products, we will contact you before delivering it.
If you need further assistance, please click here
* Return Policy
Our return policy is simple and hassle-free. You may return any item for a full return, as long as the product is in its original resaleable condition, not in use for anytime. If the recipient returns the item, upon receipt and inspection, either a gift certificate or a refund check will be issued.
  • Perishable items - we are unable to accept returns on perishable gifts. Any quality issues should be resolved with a re-delivery date
  • Non-perishable - we do accept returns on non-perishable items, as long as the item is in resaleable condition
  • Fine jewelry - we accept returns on fine jewelry as long as the purchase was made within the last 30 days, and the wear tag has not been removed from the item.
Please contact us to coordinate the return shipment of the product.

If you need further assistance, please click here
* Special Services
I. Gift reminder service
II. What is the benefit of closed customer ?

III.What is the benefit of member?

I. Gift reminder service
With our gift reminder service, you'll never forget an important occasion again! Simply click on the Reminder icon on our Welcome page, and enter in all the birthdays, anniversaries, and special days you want to remember. We'll remind you of your important dates and even offer gift suggestions
II. What is the benefit of closed customer?
We always have many advantages for closed customers. Many discount or gift programs for our closed customer. Make order frequently and get more advantages from Color4Love.com
III. What is the benefit of member?
We always have many different benefit for our members. Special discount or many functions to help you order and manage information fast and easily.
To join Color4Love.com, please click here.
If you need further assistance, please click here